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What are the benefits of Modern farming over Traditional Farming?

Posted On - 12 January, 2023

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Traditional Farming is a type of farming that continues from an ancient time. It depends on the natural phenomenon such as rainfall, temperature, and natural resources. A traditional farming takes longer duration resulting in low rate of crop production. With this regards, Modern Technology is an improvement over Traditional Farming.

Modern Farming is the farming technique that involves scientific concepts and varied agro-machineries. A tractor is mandatory machine for farming because it offers ease and comfort to the farmers. To reduce the farmer's workload, many indian tractor models are available for maximising the profit.


1. Modern Farming is the capital intensive method

Farmers can earn more profit and income through Modern Farming in India. In Modern Farming, farmers invest large amount of money rather than their time and effort. Several agro-machineries include farm tractors, seed sower, cultivator, rotary tiller, sprayer, etc.

2. Modern Farming is faster than traditional method

A machine has the ability to increase the productivity in a shorter period of time. When technology-equipped machinery step into agricultural sector, the farm activities became easier. Moreover, the processes became more simple as well as time saving.

3. Modern Farming results in high yield productivity

Crop production depends on how farmer nurtures the land throughout the farming. It enhances the organic value of the soil which results in the high-yield production. Modern Farming promises the high-quality land preparation through agro-machineries.

4. Modern Machinery reduces the farmer’s workload

Traditional farming is a labour-intensive method where farmer works for very long time. Several Farm-machineries reduces the workload and time. Sonalika, Solis-Yanmar, Mahindra, TAFE, etc., are the popular tractor brands in India.

5. Modern Technology improves the quality of crop

Before the emergence of agriculture technology, it was harder to achieve quality yields at the time of harvesting. Modern machineries promises the accuracy and precision in crop growth. Many agro-machineries improve tasks including land preparation, tillage, seed sowing, manuring, and mulching. All these tasks will boost up the quality of crops. Hence, it is crucial to execute the farming sub-tasks in an organised way.


Modern Farming has transferred the traditional farming to the next level. Earlier, the farm activities took place without any use of machinery. Due to the technological advancement, a wide range of farm machineries are emerging to fulfil the farm needs. Modern Farming is a capital intensive method that tends to enhance the quality of crop with less manpower. Selecting the best tractor for your indian farms is always a big ask!

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