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Revolutionizing Agriculture: International Tractors Limited (ITL) Unveils 5 New Tractor Series

Posted On - 25 October, 2023

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International Tractors Limited (ITL), a pioneer in the agricultural machinery industry, has set a new

benchmark for innovation and excellence. On October 14, 2023, in New Delhi, ITL introduced a

remarkable lineup of tractors, including their ground breaking electric model, the Solis SV Series.

These tractors are poised to redefine farming practices across the globe. With a focus on advanced

technology, power, and versatility, ITL's new offerings aim to enhance productivity and efficiency for

farming communities worldwide.

The grand launch took place concurrently with ITL's Global Partners Summit (GPS) 200, where 200

channel partner members from various countries gathered to witness this revolutionary moment.

A Transformational Line-up

The new range of tractors includes the Series S, Series C, Series H, Series N, and the Solis SV Series,

each equipped with world-class technology and advanced emission control systems to meet the

stringent requirements of advanced markets like the US and Europe. ITL's strong manufacturing base

in India, coupled with a global network of 3,000 dealers, allows them to offer top-quality products at

a highly competitive cost to farmers worldwide.

While the Solis Series H, Series S, and Solis SV models are available globally, the Solis Series C is

tailored for European markets, and the Solis Series N is designed to cater to markets in Europe, the

USA, Africa, and South America regions.

The Electric Revolution

One of the highlights of this launch is the Solis SV Series, an electric variant designed to provide

superior torque availability at all times. It boasts an impressive charging capability, going from 0% to

100% in just 3-3.5 hours when using a fast charger, or 8 hours with a regular charger. This electric

tractor signifies ITL's commitment to sustainability and its vision to reduce the environmental

footprint of agriculture.

A Commitment to Excellence

Mr. Sushant Sagar Mittal, Executive Director of ITL, emphasized their dedication to innovation and

customer satisfaction. He highlighted the significant investments made in technology up-gradation

and research and development, with a whopping Rs. 850 crore invested in a new plant and an

additional Rs. 150 crore into R&D for launching these new tractor series. The commitment to quality

and customer service drives ITL's mission to ensure prosperity for the global farming community.

A Winning Formula

Mr. Rahul Mittal, Executive Director of ITL, shared the success formula that combines European

styling, Japanese quality, and Indian manufacturing costs. The vital element in this formula is their

growth mindset and a vast network of channel partners who dream big, embrace challenges, and

constantly reinvent. This unique blend is reshaping the global tractor industry, with a primary goal of

increasing productivity and making a difference in the lives of farmers around the world.

Global Commitment to Agriculture

Mr. Gaurav Saxena, Director and CEO of International Business at ITL, expressed their unwavering

commitment to the global agricultural community. ITL believes in transcending borders and values

their customer's prosperity above all else. Their new product offerings are meticulously designed to

shape the future of farming, continually incorporating market feedback. For the past four years, ITL

has held the coveted title of India's No. 1 export brand, and it also leads in 14 countries within the

addressable segment. With these five new tractor series, they aim to further solidify their global

presence, reaching a wider range of customers and penetrating newer segments in various markets,

all thanks to their extensive network of over 3,000 dealers.

In conclusion, ITL's recent product launch is a testament to their unwavering commitment to

innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. These tractors are not just machines; they

represent a new era in agriculture, where technology, power, and versatility converge to empower

farmers worldwide. With ITL's revolutionary approach, farming is set to become more efficient, eco-

friendly, and productive, ultimately transforming the way we cultivate our land.

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