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How to do best sugarcane cultivation?

Posted On - 2 February, 2023

Category - Agriculture

Sugarcane is a major crop mainly used for making sugar in India. It is grown in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Goa and Kerala. Sugarcane farming varies from one region to other on the basis of soil and weather. There are three methods for sugarcane farming - Flat, Furrow and Trench Farming.

In India, many companies make different tractor models and implements to decrease farmer work and increase income. These companies are Sonalika, Solis Yanmar, Swaraj, TAFE, Mahindra and others. Solis Tractor is a popular company and its tractors make farming easy with its 4WD technology.


A loamy soil type is best for sugarcane cultivation as it allows air passage and water smoothly into the soil. It contains silt, clay and sand which makes the soil sticky and hold the nutrients for long.


Sugarcane needs 32-38°C temperature for germination and 12-14° C for ripening. Bright sunshine and high humidity makes sugarcane more juicy. The rainfall between 1100-1500 mm is best for sugarcane cultivation in India.


Some of the farm equipment for sugarcane farming are:

1. Cultivator:

Sugarcane farming starts with the land preparation where farmers loosen and aerate the soil. A cultivator prepares the land in less time.

2. Rotary Tiller:

Rotary Tiller is also used for tillage and ploughing purpose. Its blades spin and break the soil in same time.

3.Sugarcane Planter:

This machine plants the seedlings in two rows with equal space. It helps in growing maximum yield with less effort and time.

4.Sugarcane Harvester:

Farmers can harvest and partially process the crop with sugarcane harvester. This implement cuts the sugarcane at the base and also removes the dust.


Sugarcane farming needs good soil and climate conditions. The farmers cannot control the natural factors but can use tractors and implements for easy farm operations. Sugarcane farming is made easier with Rotary Tiller, Cultivator, Sugarcane Planter and Sugarcane Harvester. Solis Yanmar is a popular brand that offers best tractors and implements for doing the farming easily.

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