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How Agriculture Technology beneficial for Indian Farming in 2023?

Posted On - 5 January, 2023

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Agriculture Technology is a new concept developed for the betterment of farmers as well as crop growth. It is a scientific concept that takes farming tasks to the next level. Several technological equipment include fuel efficient tractors, multi-functional implements, sensor-based spare parts and GPS devices.


Agriculture Technology simplifies the farm activities such as ploughing, sowing, cultivation and harvesting. Various agro-machineries are coming out to meet the following three goals:

I.To make every farming task easier and faster

Agriculture Technology has eased up the land preparation task which is generally very difficult to perform manually. Some agriculture technology solutions include-

* Tractor:

A Tractor is a versatile machine designed with the aim of providing relief to the farmers. There are variety of options available with the popular brands such as Sonalika, Solis-Yanmar, Mahindra, TAFE, Swaraj, and many more.

* Rotavator:

A set of blade in rotary tiller spins and breaks the soil into refined one. It results into high crop production in less time as well as farmer's prosperity. Tractor with rotavator is most common application in farms.

* Laser Leveller:

A Laser Leveller comes with computerised laser beam and sensor system. This equipment helps to level the uneven land surface under the guidance of laser beams. Furthermore, it increases the soil quality and also reduces the weeds.

II.To increase farmer's daily working hours

The presence of Agriculture Technology into the farm machineries provides comfort to the farmers. If a seat is comfortable, a farmer can increase the work hour to some extent. Some features that can increase farmer’s comfort include -

* Comfortable Seat:

A seat which is designed ergonomically can reduce the farmer’s fatigue and makes the farmer to enjoy their work for longer duration of time. A multi-functional and foldable features are being added for farmer’s comfort.

* Power Steering:

In tractors, there are 3 types of steering wheels. These are– Mechanical Steering, Hydraulic Steering, and Power Steering. Currently, Power steering is the latest feature that runs on power and reduces the manual effort of the driver.

III.To solve the environment-related problems

Many sustainable solutions are being introduced for improving the present environmental conditions. Other than this, government is also taking action to solve the environmental problems.

* TREM Stage-IV:

Government has announced TREM Stage-IV norm especially for tractors under more than 50 HP segment. The main goal is to reduce the entry of harmful materials in the environment from farm machineries. One can find the best tractor in 50 HP range in india from various options available.

* Electric Tractor:

A new age in agricultural technology has begun with electric tractors. An Electric Tractor is an agro-machinery designed keeping the environmental concerns in mind. It runs on electricity without any fuel usage which shows that it is an environment-friendly and a cost-effective solution.


Agriculture Technology plays an important role for developing the farming practices. Tractor, Rotavator, and Land Leveller are some farming equipment designed for reducing the farmer workload. Besides these, a customised seat and power steering offers comfort to the farmers. To solve the environmental issue, emission standard “TREM Stage- IV” has been introduced for the agricultural tractors with > 50 HP engine.

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