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Farm Machineries used for Land Preparation, Tillage and Seed Sowing

Posted On - 19 January, 2023

Category - Agriculture

Farm Machineries are the mechanical equipment that are used to meet the agricultural needs of the farmers. Based on work pattern of every agricultural task, range of farm machineries are sold by popular Indian tractor brands such as Sonalika, Solis Tractor, Mahindra, TAFE, John Deere, etc.

When it comes to global presence, one of the leading Indian brand is Solis Yanmar which is having its presence across 130 countries. All the tractor models available at Solis Yanmar are equipped with 4WD technology and hence, it is known as ‘Global 4 Wheel Drive Tractor experts’.

Agriculture consists sequential sub- tasks right from sowing to harvesting that includes:


Land preparation primarily involves removing the weeds, pre-irrigation, first ploughing, and levelling. While preparing the land, a farmer requires special farm machineries to achieve the accuracy.


A rotavator is a tractor-powered implement that requires 25-65 HP tractor for its functioning. It comes with the set of blades that cut, break and mix the soil. The implement has an internal gearbox that allows to adjust the speed of rotating blades.

Benefits of tractor rotavtors:

* Grinds the soil properly

* Adds value to the soil fertility

* Consumes less fuel

* Saves time and labour

* Improves the crop growth


Tillage is the land preparation activity that involves modifying, manipulating and loosening of soil. Primary and Secondary Tilling are two types of tilling practices that require different farm machineries depending on soil and its depth.

MB Plough:

Mouldboard Plough or MB Plough is powered by tractor and is a perfect agro-machinery for Primary Tillage Process. Most often, it is used to mix the compost and manure into the soil. MB Plough can be used with 30-40 HP engine tractor.

Field Cultivator:

Field Cultivator is a perfect farm machinery for loosening and aerating the soil during the Secondary Tillage Process. It has strong structure with tines that ensure smooth cultivation on uneven and hard soil. A tractor under 25-60 HP range are suitable for powering the field cultivator.


* Prepares better seedbed for planting

* Controls the pre-plant weeding

* Aerates and loosens the soil

* Retains the soil moisture

* Saves time and cost


Seed Sowing is the process of placing the seeds properly into the soil that results in better germination. Several farm machineries are designed for making seed sowing easier for farmers.

Super Seeder:

Super Seeder is one of the best farm machinery that ensures perfection in seed sowing. It comprises of a metering system that picks up the seeds into the seed tube and also allows to change the seed varieties.


* Ensures easy and quick seed sowing

* Maintains equal distance between two seeds

* Avoids uneven seed distribution

* Enhances the seedling growth

* Reduces the cost and time


Farm machineries are designed for addressing the agricultural challenging tasks with the machineries such as Rotavator, Seed Sower, MB Plough and Field Cultivator. All these agro-machineries ensure better land preparation, enhanced tillage and accurate seed sowing. Among 25+ agro-machinery brands, Solis Tractor is the leading tractor manufacturing brand as it offers tractor equipped with Yanmar Japanese Technology.

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