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“There is only one thing more RUGGED than the terrain I work on; Me, Solis.

I am born from the earth to rule over earth.

I am built to perfection to redefine perfection.

I am an assimilation of technologies that will always lead and show the way.

I am designed with innovations that shall overcome any difficulties a farmer faces.

There is only one thing more DARING than the farmer I work with; Me, Solis.

I am the one who sets my own limits and I break them.

I am what everyone else aspires to be.

I am what every wise farmer advised you to trust.

I am built of a foreign exterior but my heart is of an Indian farmer.

There is only thing more ELEGANT than the harvest I work for; Me, Solis.

I am what you demand of me.

I am what you think you deserve.

I am bold and reliable and I resolve to work longer and harder.

I am what defines a new class, a new standard and raises the bar."

“I Am Engineered Solis Yanmar Perfect”