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Mr. Sandeep Punia

Hanumangarh, Rajasthan

Solis Yanmar has empowered me to handle my daily farm tasks with its Solis 5015 and Solis 4215 tractors at greater ease. Their powerful engines are designed with Japanese Technology that support me to perform my farming with great confidence.

Mr. Ajay

Mukhtsar, Punjab

The Solis 6024 4WD comes equipped with advanced features that are best suited for soil found in Punjab. I trust the Solis Yanmar brand which is known for its 100 years of Japanese technology that offers me unmatched performance.

Mr. Gaurav Singh

Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh

All the tractors of Solis Yanmar brand are excellent and its Solis 5724 tractor has enabled me to perform farm tasks in great comfort. This tractor remains cool over long durations with its 6-stage cooling system. I trust Solis Yanmar brand as it leads me prosperity path with its 100 years of expertise in Japanese Technology.

Mr. Chandravan Sharma,

Kamoda, Haryana

Buying the Solis 5724 from Solis Yanmar has been the best decision of my life. This tractor is designed as per the critical needs of the farmers in Haryana which delivers high end performance during farming as well as transportation.

Mr. Vishnu Giri Goswami,

Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh

The Solis 5015 is a perfect tractor from my farm as it comes with superior engine, intelligent transmission and better control system. Moreover, its 5 years of warranty with 500 hours service interval offers me great peace of mind.

Mr. Kalubhai Chaturbai,

Mobi, Gujarat

The Solis 5015 E is the best suited for the soil conditions of Gujarat. Equipped with E3 engine, it delivers me extra mileage, torque and power to tackle all kinds of tasks from digging to harvesting with its unmatched performance in the field.


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