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Dr. Deepak Mittal

Dr. Deepak Mittal, the Managing Director of International Tractors Limited, has contributed to making the brand a household name in India while growing its global footprint. A celebrated economist - renowned for strong adherence to a customer-centric approach and business ethics. He is a man on a mission who prioritizes community welfare and environmental protection. Dr. Deepak Mittal has been a force to reckon with in expanding ITL with the brand name SOLIS across the world.

Spearheading the company as the Joint Managing Director, Mr. Raman Mittal has been the relentless force that inspires teams at Solis Yanmar to ensure 'Future is Now' for its customers. His distinctive approach steers the company to offer comprehensive agricultural solutions powered by advanced Japanese technologies and clock newer milestones. His profound knowledge of the farm equipment industry powered him to be amongst the 'Champions of Change' by Niti Aayog. Moreover, he has bagged many influential awards across domains – 'Inspiring Business Leaders' by The Economic Times, 'Power Personalities' by Car India, '40 Under 40 Most Influential Leaders for FY'20' by Asia One,and also recognized as 'Young Turks' by CNBC.

Mr. Raman Mittal

Executive MD, Yanmar Co. Ltd.

Mr. Naoki Kobayashi is the Executive MD of Yanmar Co. Ltd. in Japan. Mr. Kobayashi has over 35 years of experience with Yanmar and has held leading positions with several Yanmar companies worldwide. He is dedicated to strengthening the Solis-Yanmar partnership in India to ensure that the farmers in India get access to Japanese technology at Indian prices.


International Tractors Limited is the No.1 tractor exports brand from India and stands tall among the top 3 leading tractor manufacturers in the country. ITL offers the most comprehensive agricultural solutions to the farming community across the globe through its heavy duty tractor range in 20-120 HP and 70+ implements for the world.

Solis, the flagship brand of ITL, is one of the world’s leading tractor brands that remains synonymous with toughness, durability, power & performance. Solis has collaborated with Yanmar, the 100-year old Japanese diesel engine experts, to introduce cutting edge Japanese technologies to ensure 'Future is Now' for Indian farmers under the Solis Yanmar tractor range.

“Viksit Kisan Ki Pehli Pasand” Solis Yanmar is known as ‘Global 4 Wheel Drive tractor experts’ since its tractor range is powered by 100 years of Japanese technology to offer advanced 4WD technology and express transmission that deliver higher output for farmers. Ensuring 'Khushiyan Aapki, Zimmedari Humari' the Solis Promise offers '5 years of warranty' and '500 hours of oil change interval' for the supreme farmer satisfaction. With its formidable presence in more than 150+ countries, Solis Yanmar is committed to bring in new age technologies for farmers to promote farm mechanisation across the globe.

Solis is the market leader in 15+ countries in the addressable segment that includes both developed as well as developing countries such as Germany, Finland, Portugal, Iceland, Czech Republic, Myanmar, Nepal and Bangladesh. Offering customised tractors as per farm needs, Solis has the presence in all the European countries and its tractors are successfully operated by more than thousands of satisfied customers in diversified European conditions. ITL has also set up a spare parts centre in Germany in cooperation with Yanmar that caters to customer requirements in Europe with an aim to provide better service and overall customer


Solis Yanmar has also been among the “Best Brands 2021” by The Economic Times, and also bagged the ‘Best 4WD Tractor’ award for Solis 5015 at Indian Tractor of The Year’21 awards (ITOY), as well as the winner of ‘Best Tractor >=30 HP category’ for its 3016 SN 4WD at Farm choice awards.





With a glorious history than spans over 100 years, Japanese diesel engine experts Yanmar has always been the pioneer in developing advanced technologies that deliver extraordinary quality performance while striving to exceed consumer expectations. Manufacturers of comprehensive solutions in diesel technologies across agriculture, industrial engines, marine, energy system among others, Yanmar precisely focuses on optimising engine and hybrid technologies, transmission technologies, heat utilisation as well as energy management.

In 2016, Yanmar established its new Brand Statement: “A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE – New Value through Technology”, towards a more sustainable, resource recycling society. Yanmar blends together learnings from varied resources – from corporations to research institutes - that allows the company to develop new innovations that aim at creating a truly global sustainable society for all.

In fact, it was Magokichi Yamaoka the founder of Yanmar, who successfully developed the world’s first small diesel engine with a clear aim to reduce oil consumption and save it for future generations. Offering state-of-the-art agricultural machinery and services that is powered by Yanmar’s Japanese technology, the company is supporting farmers optimise their performance, enhance their efficiency as well as profitability.

Today, Yanmar’s diesel engines are assembled in the state-of-the-art factory in Biwa. Besides that, the agriculture equipment including the Yanmar Tractor range of 13 HP – 113 HP are manufactured in the mother plant at Okayama. The company is also expanding its tractor assembly facilities to Adairsville, Georgia and Bangkok, Thailand.